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Thoughts On Recruiting Developers

recruiting_developers_radar_chartHere in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the supply and demand of talent are both incredibly high, turning your crew of 2 nerds into 20 isn’t easy.

That being said, it’s not impossible.  I love this challenge.  And I want to share an approach that’s worked for me.

After years spent helping to build teams, I’ve noticed some clear patterns start to emerge from the questions that get asked during coffee shop conversations.  Every developer is a snowflake, but there certainly are some common things that come up again and again.

Specifically, I find that there are the eight things that smart developers are trying to evaluate.  My advice – before you sit down, first perform a brutal self-assessment about how your organization and your opportunity measure up on the following:

1. Company
2. Physical Space
3. Position
4. Product
5. People
6. Platform
7. Process
8. Pay

For each item, I’ll highlight the salient questions developers are rolling through during your pitch.  Make sure you have clear, concise answers for all of them.

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